About Xtacking® Xtacking® Club Innovative Platform
The patented Xtacking® architecture developed by YMTC is an innovative 3D NAND technology with excellent performance
The ground-breaking technology was designed to provide enterprises and consumers with comprehensive 3D NAND related solutions.

About Xtacking®

A unique way of technical development driven by innovative practice

Independent processing on separated wafers

CMOS wafer

Memory cell wafer

Wafer bonding processing with millions of metal VIAs(Vertical Interconnect Accesses)

Into one wafer
Before the launch of Xtacking® architecture, 3D NAND architectures in the market were divided into traditional side-by-side structure and CnA (CMOS next to Array) architecture. After eight years of development and two years of R&D verification in the 3D IC field, YMTC finally bonded two wafers to 3D NAND flash memory, with innovative layouts and precise verification. Memory cells and peripheral circuits are bonded by billions of metal VIAs on a die the size of a fingernail, and the reliability of the bonding interface is tested as effectively as what is processed on a single wafer. This new technology is bound to empower 3D NAND with technical superiority and unleash its potential. 3D NAND flash memory products based on Xtacking® will provide more cost-effective and innovative options as they scale up.

8 years


2 years


Innovative Architecture
Technology-powered Flash Memory Innovation

Xtacking® enables DRAM-like high I/O speed

With Xtacking® , the periphery circuits as well as memory cell array are processed on two separate wafers using the logic technology node that enables the desired I/O speed and functions. Once the processing of the array wafer is completed, the two wafers are connected electrically through billions of metal VIAs (Vertical Interconnect Accesses) that are formed simultaneously across the whole wafer in one process step.

Xtacking® enables smaller die size and higher bit density

In the conventional 3D NAND architecture, the periphery circuits take up ~20-30% of the die area, lowering NAND bit density. As 3D NAND technology continues to progress to 128 layers and above, the periphery circuits will likely take up more than 50% of the total die area. With Xtacking®, the periphery circuits are now above the array chip, enabling much higher NAND bit density than conventional 3D NAND.

Xtacking® : Modular approach to accelerate Time-to-Market

Xtacking® utilizes fully independent processing of the array and periphery, which offers a modularized, parallel approach to product development and manufacturing, reducing product development time by at least three months and shortening manufacturing cycle time by 20%, significantly accelerating 3D NAND time-to-market. This modular approach also opens possibilities for customized NAND flash solutions by the incorporation of innovative functionalities in the periphery.
Award-winning Xtacking®

YMTC Xtacking® technology
has won many awards in industry events around the world

In August 2018, YMTC officially launched its ground-breaking Xtacking® architecture at the Flash Memory Summit, and won the “Best of Show” award. This award is designed for the startup with the most innovation and entrepreneurship.
On January 2, 2020, YMTC won the“Technology Breakthrough of the Year” award at the 2020 China IC Top Award, jointly organized by China Semiconductor Investment Alliance (CSIA), and jiwei.com, the exclusive media outlet for the semiconductor industry in China. This award is undoubtedly a recognition for YMTC’s innovation and achievements given by the authoritative investment agency and the media outlet of semiconductor integrated circuits in China.
Constant Improvement——Xtacking® 2.0

YMTC 128-layer series applies Xtacking® 2.0 technology to unleash the potential of 3D NAND flash memory

Xtacking® 2.0 will provide more added value for customers with Xtacking® architecture. This includes Higher NAND throughput, better performance at the system level, and a new business model for customized NAND solutions.
Through close cooperation with clients, business partners, and industry organizations, the third-generation NAND solutions powered by Xtacking® 2.0 will be widely used for data centers, enterprise-level servers, PCs, mobile devices, and other fields, which will open a new chapter of customized high-performance NAND solutions.
With ongoing investment in R&D, YMTC is committed to making each generation of products more competitive and better able to satisfy our customers.
The era of 5G, AI, and super data centers require enormous demands of the flash memory market. The mass production of 3D NAND flash memory products based on Xtacking® technology will spur the further development of the global memory market and define the future of 3D flash memory technology.