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Company Vision
Become a leader in storage technology
Core value contributors of global semiconductor industry
Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC), established in Wuhan, China in July 2016, is an IDM focusing on the design and manufacturing of 3D NAND flash memory, and is a professional advanced memory solutions provider recognized by global customers. Our products and solutions for global partners range from 3D NAND Flash memory wafers and packaged chips to embedded memory solutions, consumer and enterprise SSDs, which are widely used in mobile devices, consumer electronics, computers, servers, and data centers. On FMS 2018, YMTC debuted its groundbreaking Xtacking architecture and unleashed the potential of 3D NAND.

16 years

Integrated Circuit

9 years

3D NAND R&D and Manufacturing



3D NAND R&D began


9-layer 3D NAND flash memory test chip passed the electrical performance verification (Tape Out)


Gen 1 3D NAND flash memory test chip design completed (Tape Out)
YMTC was established
Fab 1 broke ground


Gen 1 3D NAND achieved 1st silicon and completed Tape-out
Fab 1 was completed ahead of schedule


Gen 2 3D NAND achieved 1st silicon Xtacking® debuted on FMS 2018 and won Best of Show Award 32-layer 3D NAND put into mass production


Gen 2 3D NAND flash memory put into mass production
Gen 3 TLC 3D NAND (X2-9060) achieved 1st silicon and completed Tape-out


Gen 3 QLC 3D NAND (X2-6070) succeeded in R&D
ZHITAI SSD launched
eMMC/UFS embedded memory passed sample verification for use


Gen 3 TLC/QLC NAND (X2-9060/ X2-6070) put into mass production
Fab 1 reaches maximum production

Our Mission
We are dedicated to preserving your precious memories.
We strive to become a global leading
3D NAND flash memory solution provider
In October 2017, YMTC designed and manufactured China's first 3D NAND flash memory through independent R&D and international cooperation. In September 2019, our Gen2 3D NAND Flash memory with innovative YMTC Xtacking® architecture was officially put into mass production. In April 2020, YMTC launched two Gen3 Flash memory chips.As the first QLC based Gen3 3D NAND, X2-6070 has achieved the highest bit density, highest I/O speed and highest capacity so far among all released Flash memory parts in the industry. Note: 1. Refers to the 3D NAND Flash memory products on the market currently.

YMTC has R&D centers in Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities. It is supported by more than 8,000 employees worldwide, including 5,000 R&D engineers. Through persistence and innovation, YMTC strives to become a global leading 3D NAND flash memory solution provider.
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